Panzanella Bread Co. is a local renowned Italian bakery whose production is inspired by simple, traditional and artisan bread making philosophy. True artisan bread unlike any other food should complete any meal and not compete for attention.

Our bread is made entirely by hand, and baked only once the natural process of fermentation has concluded. We use a small amount of yeast and a long, room temperature fermentation process, which allows the dough to develop without the need for retarding, cooling, or the help of strong mixers. This balance results in humble, digestible and delectable bread.


Bread making is a balance of La Mano - the gentle hand that knows the dough. L'Occhio - the eye to balance the ever changing variables of weather, water, flour, yeast, and state of mind - and Il Cuore - the heart and passion for bread and for life.

Culinary professionals as well as enthusiastic bread consumers are amazed by the QUALITY and SIMPLICITY of this bread, whose crust and flavor make you dream back to those years, when bread brought people together!